The Blue Haven Raleigh Process

Designed for the Best Experience & Outstanding Results

At Blue Haven Raleigh Pools and Spas, we have developed our process to ensure we create the very best custom pool designs possible and bring them to a beautiful, high-quality reality while supporting our client throughout the project. Below, you will find a step-by-step description of our proven process, so you can get an idea of what to expect from your custom pool design and building project with Blue Haven Raleigh.

  • 1. Initial Consultation

    The first step for your custom pool project is to meet with Blue Haven Raleigh for an initial consultation. At this meeting, we listen and gather all the information we need pre-design, and we provide you with plenty of expert advice and pricing to create a budget for each phase of your home project.

  • 2. Design

    When you are ready, we begin the 3D design process at your home by taking detailed measurements of the house, property and yard slopes. Armed with this information, our experienced design team creates the blueprint of your new backyard.

  • 3. Design Review & Material Selection

    As soon as we’ve completed the design rendering, we provide a presentation of the entire project in stunning 3D video for your feedback and approval. During this consultation, we provide material samples and help you select the ideal choices for your project.

  • 4. Permitting

    Once we have your approval to move ahead with the project, we handle all of the pool permitting requirements.

  • 5. Project Coordination

    With permitting complete, we transition to project coordination. We consult with you to establish a timeline and detailed schedule for your project. We set expectations and help you understand exactly when everything is going to happen to ensure there are no surprises at any stage of construction.

  • 6. Construction

    With all of our plans, designs, and schedules in place, we are then ready to move onto the construction phase. Our skilled, passionate craftsmen will construct your new custom pool to the highest levels of quality while treating your home and property as though it were their own.

  • 7. Completion & Support

    With the project complete, we set up your new pool, walk you through the operating procedures, and provide detailed written instructions created just for your pool. If you ever have questions or need maintenance, our team is just a quick phone call away, and we are proud to handle all of your ongoing needs for years to come.