About This Project

The Werners were interested in adding a pool, spa, kitchen, and waterfall to one side of their property, and they also wanted the space to be accessible to a large backyard above and beyond the existing retaining wall. This presented some construction challenges, as well as difficulty working around the existing elements in a relatively small area. We needed to rearrange construction tasks and be strategic with our choices. In the end, we were able to create an intimate outdoor living space for the Werners, complete with a spa cascading on to a large boulder waterfall and into the pool. We used LED lighting in the spa and waterfall to create beautiful color shows to that have the affect of painting the water flow. The pool itself has a classic white lighting scheme to make the color lighting pop, and we chose natural tones around the space to complement the home and waterfall boulders. The natural boulder steps to the spa area added to the waterfall size and stature and gave the affect of breaking through the retaining wall, as well as provide easy access to the upper backyard. We designed the kitchen in a way that allowed the grill chef to face the pool and be involved, along with a bar space for friends to socialize.