Custom Pools from Blue Haven Raleigh

Your Experienced, Passionate Custom Pool Builders

Blue Haven Raleigh Pools and Spas is proud to be among the leading custom pool builders in Raleigh, NC, serving homeowners across Central North Carolina. When it comes to custom in-ground concrete pools from Blue Haven Raleigh, anything is possible: if it can be imagined, we can design and build it. Our experience runs the full range of pool sizes, shapes, styles, and configurations, and we specialize in blending your new custom pool with your home and your landscaping for the most coordinated look possible.

With an unmatched focus on our clients and expert advice throughout the process, we know you’ll be happy with your experience and thrilled with your new custom pool from Blue Haven Raleigh.

The Highest Quality Available

Blue Haven Raleigh Only Builds the Very Best Custom Pools

At Blue Haven Raleigh, we recognize that all pools truly are not created equal. If long-lasting quality is a goal for your pool building project, then don’t settle for anything less than a fully-custom concrete in-ground pool. All of the pools we build use only the very best materials and construction techniques, and we absolutely never cut corners. We only use top-quality salt water systems for our pools, making them less expensive to maintain, healthier, and less damaging to you, your family, and the environment. We also offer a full range of cutting-edge technology for managing and operating your pool. Our custom pools are designed and built to last a lifetime while always maintaining their quality, beauty, and function.

A Full Range of Styles

  • Blue Haven Raleigh specializes in many styles of in-ground concrete pools, and our design and construction capabilities are truly limitless. A few of the custom pool styles we regularly build include:
  • Natural

    Designed and built to simulate a natural pond or lagoon, these pools often include stonework, waterfalls, and custom landscaping touches to achieve an organic look.
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  • Freeform

    We create beautiful custom freeform pools with smooth, flowing curves and no hard angles in whatever layout and configuration best fits your yard and your imagination.
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  • Contemporary

    This style of custom concrete pools emphasizes simple, straight lines, square angles, and basic rectangular shapes, making it a very popular and fashionable choice.

  • Modern

    Another popular design category that’s reminiscent of designs from the 1950s, modern concrete pools represent a classic choice, timeless that will never go out of style.

  • Geometrical

    We are capable of designing and building pools in any size and shape, enabling us to deliver unique geometries ranging from perfect circles to other nonstandard layouts.

  • Family

    These pools are designed and built with children and the elderly in mind, with plenty of shallows, slides, dive rocks, waterfalls, and more, making them perfect for the entire family.

Custom Spas & Hot Tubs

Blue Haven Raleigh specializes in integrating high-quality spas and hot tubs into your custom outdoor living space for the ultimate in soothing relaxation.

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Water Features

Our custom water feature options include waterfalls, LED lighting systems, vanishing edges, fountains, deck jets, perimeter overflow, and more.

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