Pictures and details from our recently-completed projects

Over the past decade, Blue Haven Raleigh Pools and Spas has completed a wide range of custom pool design and installation projects in Raleigh, NC and throughout Central North Carolina. To learn more about our experience and our capabilities with custom concrete pools, spas, hardscapes, and more, we encourage you to explore our featured projects.

The Biddle Project

Clean & Elegant The Biddle Project

The Blue Haven Ct. Project

Colorful & Beautiful The Blue Haven Ct. Project

The Bordin Project

Relaxing Getaway The Bordin Project

The Bowen Project

Natural Paradise The Bowen Project

The Colen Project

Modern Dream The Colen Project

The Denault Project

Classic Cabin The Denault Project

The Eckart Project

Private Outdoor Oasis The Eckart Project

The Fivek Project

Simple Stone The Fivek Project

The Fordin Project

Natural & Stunning The Fordin Project

The Frantz Project

Natural Paradise The Frantz Project

The Goldberg Project

Flagstone Features The Goldberg Project

The Greco Project

Outdoor Living The Greco Project

The Harrison Project

Natural Getaway The Harrison Project

The Hicks Project

Outdoor Living The Hicks Project

The Jensen Project

Backyard Dream The Jensen Project

The Joyce Project

Simple & Elegant The Joyce Project

The Lafevers Project

The Ultimate Escape The Lafevers Project

The Mahon Project

Hilltop Oasis The Mahon Project

The Martin Project

Multi-Tier Modern The Martin Project

The Mason Project

Natural Beauty The Mason Project

The McAdams Project

Roman End The McAdams Project

The Norris Project

Relaxing View The Norris Project

The Piper Project

Backyard Paradise The Piper Project

The Price Project

Hot Tub Dreams The Price Project

The Protzman Project

Custom Pool House The Protzman Project

The Reckert Project

Modern & Natural The Reckert Project

The Reilly Project

Rustic Oasis The Reilly Project

The Riccobene Project

Waterslide Fun! The Riccobene Project

The Wahl Project

Backyard Gem The Wahl Project

The Werner Project

Natural Getaway The Werner Project

The White Project

Clean & Elegant The White Project

The Wurtsbaugh Project

Relaxing Waterfall The Wurtsbaugh Project

The Yelverton Project

Natural Escape The Yelverton Project