4 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Custom High-End Pool Contractor

4 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Custom High-End Pool Contractor

Custom pools are a great way to relax with family and entertain guests. If you’re considering a custom pool or spa for your home, then be sure and do your homework before you decide on a designer or builder. Here are 3 important things all home-owners should consider when choosing a luxury pool contractor.

1) Service Offerings

If you’re looking to turn your backyard into an oasis, there’s a lot more that goes into designing and building your recreational space than you may have thought. When choosing a luxury pool builder, make sure you’re aware of the services offered by each company you’re considering. Blue Haven Raleigh can design it all, including:

Whereas most builders typically only spend a few hours curating a design, for every project we work on we spend over a week designing and curating a 3D rendering of the proposed project for the client. We then work with the client to fine-tune and perfect the design so that it is sure to exceed their expectations in regards to their own unique tastes and needs.

In addition to our design and building capabilities, we also offer Pool Inspections and Pool Maintenance/Cleaning.

2) Previous Projects

Any good custom pool builder will have a way to show off their previous projects. Before you ever commit to a specific builder make sure and take some time to view samples of their past work. Pay close attention to reviews and customer testimonies. You wouldn’t apply for a job without a resumé – don’t spend your hard-earned money on luxury pool contractors who haven’t proven themselves to you with a “resumé” of their own. Check out some of our completed projects over in our gallery.

3) Material & Finish Options

Deciding what finishes and materials to use in the construction of your backyard oasis can be overwhelming for first-time pool buyers. Whereas most builders only include a few options in the cost of the initial purchase and then force their customers to pay more when they choose the materials they actually want, we have a huge collection of materials available for each pool design and most of our clients never pay more than the original purchase amount after materials are selected.

Most first-time pool buyers have never picked out pool materials; they are unsure and often make uneducated choices they’re unhappy with when the project is complete. At Blue Haven Raleigh, we help guide our clients with years of experience and a huge portfolio of previous projects that showcase the materials in different lights and time of day. We’ll show you how we plan to use the materials to balance your home with your outdoor living space and create different effects with water textures and reflections.

4) Support

What do you do if something goes wrong after the initial construction is completed? Once the construction crews have packed up and gone home, you’re often left to fend for yourself.

That’s why Blue Haven Pools proudly stands behind the extended warranty we provide for any project we complete. If something goes wrong, give us a call, and we’ll replace the item or part in question, without making you deal with manufacturer warranties and without having to worry about making any type of claim.

Here at Blue Haven Raleigh, we make sure to incorporate the latest maintenance, filtration, and cleaning technology into each of our pools. Our Hayward OmniLogic app for your iOS or Android device gives you complete control over your pool systems and enables us to perform remote diagnostics should any issues arise. This helps ensure that taking care of your pool by yourself is as easy and stress-free as possible.

If you don’t have the extra time to dedicate to maintaining your pool each week or just simply don’t want to have to worry about it, we also offer maintenance and cleaning services.

NC Triangle Luxury Pool Contractors

When it comes to choosing a custom high-end luxury pool builder, Blue Haven Pools & Spas of Raleigh has everything you need. We’re here to expertly guide you through each step of the custom pool building process, from initial design consultations to follow-up visits for cleaning and maintenance. If you’re searching for a luxury pool contractor in North Carolina then get in touch with us today!