Three New Technologies You Need To Build Into Your Pool

Three New Technologies You Need to Build Into Your Pool

Long summer days mean you and your family will likely be spending plenty of time outdoors. While going to a public pool or booking a trip to an area resort is always an option, imagine the luxury of having an outdoor living space complete with your own custom, modern swimming pool to use whenever you like.

At Blue Haven Pools and Spas, our Raleigh pool builders have been designing and installing upscale pools for customers throughout the Central North Carolina area for more than a decade. We incorporate new pool technologies that eliminate the need for time-consuming, confusing, and costly maintenance efforts. Our custom pools feature the very best in pumping, filtration, cleaning, lighting, and controls. These technologies help to complement your pool’s unique style while making upkeep convenient and easy. Here are three technologies that you need to build into your pool to make sure you get the most out of it this summer.

1. Spa Automation

You don’t need to deal with manually performing the complicated work of cleaning, sanitizing and balancing pH levels in your pool and maintaining your filter system. Thanks to modern pool technology, these and other tasks can now be accomplished through automation. Temperature sensors, variable speed pumps, and robotic pool vacuum cleaners save you time as well as money in costly pool chemicals and energy costs. In addition to increasing your enjoyment of your pool, these features also help to maximize your investment. According to HGTV, having a fully automated, modern swimming pool or spa on your property increases the overall value of your home.

2. Remote Diagnostics

One of the things pool owners often complain about is the lack of support they receive from builders once their pool is completed. At Blue Haven Raleigh, we emphasize outstanding customer service at every point throughout the entire design and building process. This extends to providing you with the support you need to keep your modern swimming pool well maintained and at its best in the weeks, months, and years to come. Our remote diagnostics ensure minor issues are immediately addressed, preventing more significant problems before they arise that could cost you money and keep you from enjoying your pool.

3. App Integration

At Blue Haven Raleigh, one of the most innovative and convenient features we offer for our modern swimming pools is the ability to integrate maintenance tasks and controls through your smartphone. Our Hayward OmniLogic app is available on Google Play or through the Apple iTunes store for your iOS and Android devices. It allows you to control functions like the pool lights, water temperature, and jet control from virtually any location. It also enables Blue Haven Raleigh to perform remote diagnostics and to send you alerts, such as when your pool needs maintenance or has an incorrect chemical level.

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