6 Ideas For Your New Pool Renovation

6 Ideas For Your New Pool Renovation

At Blue Haven Raleigh Pools and Spas, we have over a decade of experience in creating custom swimming pools for clients throughout the central North Carolina area. We’re proud to do much more than design and build pools. We work with you to put together a variety of outdoor living spaces that include innovative landscaping and features such as fire pits, pool houses, and outdoor kitchens. More than that, we’re your Raleigh pool renovation specialists and can help keep your pool in top shape for years to come.

Ideas For Your Custom Swimming Pool Renovation

Whether you’ve purchased a property that came with a pool or spa or you previously added one yourself, it may be time to consider your options when it comes to restoration and repairs. Our Raleigh pool renovation designers believe in customer collaboration, and will be happy to meet with you to discuss all of the options available. As a first step, we recommend reviewing our custom photo gallery to get some ideas. Some of our favorites include the following options.

1. Waterfalls

Custom waterfalls designed with rocks and other natural materials lend a touch of nature and peaceful tranquility to your swimming pool renovation. The waterfalls also create an attractive focal point for your outdoor living space while producing a relaxing soundscape.

2. Vanishing Edges (infinity pools)

Vanishing edge pools allow water to spill over one or more sides, giving a stylish and modern look to your swimming pool renovation. Commonly known as infinity pools, they are a favorite of hotels and resorts. While Conde Nast Traveler highlights infinity pools in exotic locales throughout the world, our Raleigh pool builders can help you achieve an upscale, innovative look in your own backyard.

3. Spas

VisitRaleigh.com promotes the area’s mild year-round climate, but temperatures in the winter can still plunge below 30 degrees. Including a spa as part of your swimming pool renovations provides a means for extra relaxation while allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space year round.

4. LED Lighting

The right lighting system can create a dramatic difference in your outdoor space while making night swimming more fun and increasing safety. At Blue Haven Raleigh, we use advanced low-voltage LED lighting systems which can be extended from your pool and deck to the surrounding landscaping and around water features.

5. Fountains

Water fountains and deck jets built into your pool or around stones and sculptures are another way to give your outdoor living space added interest. Along with providing soothing background noise, these features can be customized in arcs and patterns that serve as beautiful works of art.

6. Natural Stone Hardscapes

The use of natural stone in hardscaping as part of your swimming pool renovation ensures your pool blends into the environment. Natural stones create visual appeal, providing a stunning framework for your pool, gardens, spas, and water features.

Consult With Our Raleigh Pool Builders About Your Swimming Pool Renovation

Reach out and contact our Raleigh pool renovation team at Blue Haven Raleigh Pools and Spas for additional ideas on how to restore, repair, or renovate your existing outdoor area. Our innovative design team is standing by to provide the experienced guidance and professional customer service you need. Call us at (919) 373-3242 to schedule your consultation today!