4 Surprising Health Benefits Jacuzzis Provide

If you’re in the process of upgrading your home’s outdoor space, you may have already discovered the numerous advantages of custom inground pools. But as the weather turns cooler, many homeowners want to continue to enjoy their outdoor entertainment spaces — after all, 51% of owners who make an outdoor upgrade spend six or more hours there every week. An excellent way to enjoy that outdoor oasis throughout the year is by adding a custom hot tub into the mix. Not only can you spend time in your jacuzzi throughout the fall and winter, but it provides a great contrast to your custom pool during the summertime. Plus, there are a lot of surprising health benefits to investing in the best hot tubs Raleigh has to offer. Here are just four of the ways custom hot tubs can improve your overall health:

1. Eases joint and muscle pain

Whether you put your body through an intense workout or suffer from arthritis or chronic joint pain, integrating a custom hot tub design into your backyard entertainment area can be an immense help. The soothing and buoyant warm water can help relieve pain and stiffness. It encourages free movement and is a gentle way to stretch. The massaging jets will help relax tight muscles. The water can even improve joint flexibility, can relieve muscle spasms, and can decrease inflammation.

2. Increases blood flow and circulation

Because the water in a custom hot tub increases your body temperature, this will cause your blood vessels to dilate and will cause circulation to increase. This can provide relief for headaches, muscle tension, chronic pain, and high blood pressure. Your body won’t have to work against itself, which helps alleviate unnecessary strain on the body.

3. Reduces blood sugar

Diabetics can benefit from a dip in the hot tub. Hot tubs can actually decrease blood sugar levels, which is key in maintaining good health. For diabetics who have trouble getting around due to foot pain or weight, getting in the hot tub can help relieve pain, and much like the case with custom inground pools, diabetics will often find that it’s easier to exercise in the water.

4. Lowers stress for better sleep

The massaging jets, warm water, and spa-like atmosphere can do wonders for lowering stress levels. By lowering your blood pressure, reducing aches from tension, and allowing you to relax, the amount of stress you feel in your body will be significantly less. Plus, you’ll find that it’s much easier for you to fall asleep at night. When you’re relieved of anxieties and pain, your natural sleep mechanics will be induced.

If you’re looking to add custom inground pools and hot tubs to your entertainment area, we can create a beautiful design to fit your every desire. From relaxing spas to infinity pools—if you think it, we’ll build it.