How Custom Can a Custom Pool Builder Get?

Imagine a backyard pool. What do you see? If you’re like most people, you’re probably picturing something rectangular and fairly simple, much like the standard pool you or your neighbors had when you were younger. Today’s pool options, however, are much more vast. We live in a time when “custom” is the norm. Homeowners want what they want how they want it, and the options to do so are no longer limited. This gives homeowners the freedom to make their property their own and be a collaborator in the design process for their home’s look and feel. At Blue Haven Raleigh Pools, when we say we’re a custom pool builder, we mean custom all the way. We’re here to give homeowners throughout Pittsboro and the surrounding areas the pool they truly want, not the standard they have to settle for. Bringing your vision to life in a way you’re happy with is a pillar of our customer service and a goal on every pool project we complete.

Fully Custom Concrete In-Ground Pools

When you work with Blue Haven Raleigh, you get a creative team that has the full capability to design and build your ideal pool. Not only is your in-ground concrete pool fully custom, but it’s also made with superior quality. We provide our homeowners in Pittsboro and around the Wake County area the best in salt water systems and cutting-edge technology so that their pool not only lasts longer but is healthier, safer, and easier and more cost-effective to maintain. We offer a variety of pool styles that are both functional and attractive, giving our clients a range to choose from that complements their home and property while expressing their unique style. See a brief explanation of our style options below.

  • Natural: This type of pool is for those that want a natural look and is often designed and built with the shape, materials, and features to simulate a water body you’d see in nature.
  • Contemporary: For those that prefer the traditional look, contemporary is the way to go, featuring class straight lines and rectangular shapes.
  • Modern: A modern look is a classic, concrete style with a mid-century feel.
  • Freeform: You can get truly creative with a freeform pool. We can design a seriously custom layout with flowing curves and shapes that can suit any yard configuration.
  • Geometrical: Want a little of this and that? We can experiment with design until we get a combination of shapes and sizes that complement your yard and fit the look you’re going after.
  • Family: To accommodate those with children, we can create shallow areas, slides, dive rocks, and more to make pool time safer and more enjoyable.

Other Custom Pool Features

In addition to your pool itself, we can further customize your design by including unique additional features. Complete your pool look with a specially designed spa or hot tub for an outdoor space that offers ultimate luxury and relaxation. Or, make your pool stand out with a variety of water features that can suit any pool style. Add one or more waterfalls, LED lighting systems, vanishing edges, fountains, deck jets, perimeter overflow, or any other feature you can come up with. If we can design it, we can build it.

So if you want a pool area that’s truly unique to you and your home, Blue Haven Raleigh Pools is Pittsboro’s leading custom pool builder that can make your dream a reality. We can even finish your backyard oasis with other quality features, like outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, patios, and more. Contact us today to discuss your vision and get one step closer to that poolside relaxation time you’ve been waiting for!