How to Get Your Hot Tub Ready for the Fall

How to Get Your Hot Tub Ready for the Fall

With the warm months of summer coming to a close and fall on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to own a hot tub. Taking a dip in a hot tub during the cooler months of the year gives you a way to relax outside even when it’s chilly out. In addition to bringing comfort, hot tubs provide several health benefits from loosening up joints to soothing muscles to improving bloodflow. But before the fall season arrives in full, here are some tips from Blue Haven Raleigh Pools & Spas on how to best prepare your hot tub ready for regular use.

Flushing the Pipes

Prior to draining your hot tub, it’s important to flush the pipes in order to remove any scum that’s built up during periods of disuse. Without taking care of this problem now, you could run into issues getting your water to balance later on. Plus, doing it before you drain the pool means you won’t risk contaminating clean water later on.

Draining out Old Water

Once you’ve made sure that you’ve finished flushing the pipes and that your hot tub is off, it’s time to get rid of the old water. Keeping the same water in your hot tub too long can run the risk of causing balancing issues within the tub, which, in turn, can lead to corrosion and equipment damage. Once the hot tub is emptied, use a rag to wipe down the shell of any remaining contaminants.

Refilling the Hot Tub

Getting new water into your hot tub is incredibly straightforward. Simply pump water into it until it’s full. If you’re filling your hot tub with hard water, consider filtering it on the way in to prevent particle contamination, keeping your equipment safe from the damaging effects of hard water particles. Those can include scaling and buildup.

Replace or Clean Your Filters

While you’re getting your hot tub ready for cooler weather, now’s the best time to replace or clean your filter. This is a very important step. A clean filter means an effective filter, keeping your hot tub cleaner for longer and free of harmful contaminants. Because a filter is so important in the overall life of your hot tub, make sure you’re regularly changing or cleaning it throughout the year. Without a clean filter, it’s much easier for bacteria to thrive in your hot tub, which could result in sickness, water discoloration, and algae growth.

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