Inground Swimming Pool in Chatham County, NC

At Blue Haven Raleigh, it’s hard for us to imagine summer without a pool. Pools are what we think ¬†backyards are made for, and we specialize in building a variety of pool shapes and sizes. We always strive to create a look that will be both artistic and nice to look ¬†at, while also being functional and enjoyable to use. Not too long ago, the Joyces called us after hearing about our reputation for building quality pools that last. Located in Chatham County, NC, they wanted an inground swimming pool that fit well with the size and style of their home, was positioned nicely in their yard, and suited their lifestyle as far as how the family and guests would use the pool. They knew exactly what they wanted, which made our job a lot easier.


The Joyces were after a contemporary look, so we stuck with a size that was proportional to the home and used a simple and elegant design shape, adding clean, polished stone work around the pool to finish the look. The large, natural slate tiles were mitered with the same Techo Bloc pavers as the decking, emphasizing the contemporary aesthetic with straight lines, square angles, and basic rectangular shapes. The jump platform finished out the minimalist appeal, hand-crafted with a copper scupper water feature. The Joyces were pleased with the results, and so were we. This simple, stylish inground swimming pool is sure to remain durable and enjoyable for many, many years to come.

To see more photos of the project, view them in our gallery here.