6 Ways to Go From Pure Pool to High-Tech Hangout

Having any pool is a good time, but today we live in a world in which less is, well, less. Technology takes every aspect of our lives to a new level, and your pool is no exception. Using cleverly designed and placed technology, your once traditional swimming pool can be transformed from an average backyard pastime to the place everyone wants to be, day or night. Not only can the help of technology make your swimming area look more visually appealing, it also can provide beneficial functionality as well. At Blue Haven Raleigh Pools, we install a lot of these high-tech features for a variety of different homeowners and pool styles as becoming modern takes more precedent. Read below to learn what we can do to take your new pool construction up a notch or give your existing pool a makeover guaranteed to impress.

Remote Control Capabilities

These days, just about everything can be done from your phone, including controlling your pool system. Having a remote-operated pool means you have complete access to your pool from anywhere, anytime, and it gives Blue Haven Raleigh technicians the ability to perform time-saving remote diagnostics if you ever have an issue. We provide pool owners with a Hayward OmniLogic application compatible with iOS and Android devices so you have all your system accessibility in one place.

LED Lighting

No one wants to pack up the pool fun when the sun goes down. Keeping swimming through the night by installing a lighting system on the floor or sides of your pool. While underwater pool lighting isn’t exactly new, incandescent and halogen systems have become outdated, which compromises their safety and causes them to use far more electricity. Quality, low-voltage LED lighting systems are now the way to go for the look and longevity most homeowners today seek.

Heaters & Coolers

Think pools are just for summer use? Not when you take your swimming pool’s water temperature into your own hands. Blue Haven Raleigh Pools can install premium heating and chilling systems to ensure your pool is always comfortable and inviting for you and your guests. Plus, since our systems are electric, you can heat and cool your pool at a fraction of the cost as when using a gas system.

Variable-Speed Pumps

One great thing about technology is that it can act as a virtual assistant to help you stay on top of things without much thought. With cutting-edge variable-speed pumping and filtration equipment, you’re able to save electricity while no one is swimming, and then engage powerful filtration during the hottest part of the day.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Pool maintenance has never been so easy! Just as there are now robotic vacuum cleaners than can be programmed to clean the inside of your home, you can also have one for your pool as well. Keep your pool clean and fresh with the help of a set-it-and-forget-it robotic pool cleaner. We include these with every new custom pool. Your robo cleaner will quickly learn the shape of your pool and clean it automatically so you never have to.

For questions or to get started with a new tech installation for your pool, contact Blue Haven Raleigh Pools today!