Enjoy These Hot Tub Benefits!

Have you been on the fence about getting a hot tub for your backyard? Can’t decide if it’s worth the investment? At Blue Haven Raleigh Pools & Spas, call us biased, but we’re quite partial to benefits of having a hot tub at home. Not only are they a great opportunity to relax at the end of the day or host social time with friends, they also provide numerous health and wellness benefits for all. Learn what hot tub use can offer you beyond enjoyable outdoor time below.

Hot Tub Health Advantages

  1. Improved Sleep: Similar to soaking in a warm bath after a long or stressful day, time spent in a hot tub helps relax your muscles and reset your body temperature. This deep relaxation and sense of being warm and comfortable allows your body to unwind and fall asleep faster, as well as enjoy a better quality of sleep.
  2. Decreased Pain: A long soak in a hot tub loosens your joins and relaxes your body, restoring strength and flexibility. Warm water is known for reducing inflammation and relieving stiffness, so upon getting out, you should feel loose and soothed.
  3. Skin Rejuvenation: Warm water opens your pores, which is great for extracting dirt and toxins from your skin. Soaking in a warmer temperature also increases your circulation, so your body is able to move oxygen and nutrients throughout it more efficiently. This results in a healthy glow from within.
  4. Less Headaches: Since soaking in a hot tub reduces tension in the body. Tension is a common culprit for headaches and migraines, along with dilated blood vessels. Time spent relaxing in warm water can help ease this pressure, and it can even reduce issues with sinuses due to the congestion-relieving steam.
  5. Stress Relief: Hot tubs can provide both physical and mental relief from a stressful lifestyle. The movement of the warm water increases blood flow, which eases muscle soreness and promotes relaxation, as well as lowers blood pressure. Viewing your hot tub as a treat in your free time also provides a sanctuary for your mind, a designated place to go unwind and retreat from stressors.

Did we convert you to joining the hot tub club? Having a hot tub is an investment, but the thing about investments is that you get something back. With a hot tub, you get numerous benefits that you’ll find rewarding in more ways than one, making it a sound addition to your home. Learn more about Blue Haven Raleigh’s custom spa and hot tub offerings to see what’s right for you.