Why 2017 Is the Year of Custom Pools

When most of us think of a swimming pool, we think of a being a kid having fun on a summer day. Just about every adult has a fond memory of a pool day, whether it be time spent in the family pool, a birthday party, or getting together with friends at the community pool. In today’s digital world of distractions and more time spent indoors, those simple days can feel like a bygone era. However, at Blue Haven Raleigh we see more and more people longing for the simplicity of their past and wanting a variety of custom pools to satisfy it. We’re hoping 2017 is the year we bring back fun, relaxation, and whole afternoons spent outdoors. A custom pool is an investment in just that. It’s more than a pool. It’s a memory you and your family will look back on one day. Plus, it comes with some great perks like staying in shape and saving money. So, if you’re wondering why you should consider adding a pool to your backyard in 2017, we’ve got a few reasons that just might convince you.

Pools allow for an easy “staycation”. ‘

Who doesn’t want time to relax and feel a little pampered during vacation season? Vacations can be expensive, though, and require a good bit of planning. Travel can also be a burden. Skip it all and stay home! Unwind in your own backyard oasis and leave the stress to someone else.

Create more social time and more memories.

Pools are most often meant to be shared with others. They’re a great opportunity for families to spend time together and for kids to spend time with friends while still being under your supervision. Pools are also a chance to invite over friends and host a party, making your house the one people will have fond memories of.

Enjoy a gym in your own backyard.

Who needs to pay for a gym membership and compete for equipment time when you can have a highly effective cardio workout in your pool? Swimming is excellent exercise, helping to improve stamina, endurance, and flexibility. It’s great for your heart, lungs, and muscles, and it’s gentle enough on joints to be appropriate for most ages. Exercising in a pool feels like┬áplaying, so it doesn’t take much to twist your arm into staying active and fit.

Got stress? Take a dip.

Spending time in or around a pool is a natural stress reliever. Not only do our brains make positive associations with pools, but the sight and sounds of water are proven to calm the mind and body. Do some laps and melt the tension, or allow yourself to float weightlessly and forget your troubles.

Improve your home value with one investment.

The National Association of Realtors confirms that a properly designed and installed pool does in fact add real value to your home, as much as 5%. On a $500,000 home, that’s an added $25,000.

Convinced yet? Adding a pool to your property is a smart investment for many reasons, but you want it done the right way. At Blue Haven Raleigh Pools, we expertly design and install a range of custom pools, from natural looking and freeform pools to contemporary and modern. Want to discuss your possibilities further? Contact us any time during normal work hours by calling (919) 465-1965 or sending us a message online here.