3 Families Need Pool Builder in Cary's Copperleaf

3 Families Need Pool Builder in Cary’s Copperleaf

Blue Haven Raleigh Pools & Spas recently completed three projects in the Copperleaf neighborhood when three separate families needed a pool builder in the same Cary area. Though each project called for different features, working on three properties in the same neighborhood presented us with both conveniences and challenges. With each property, we ran into similar difficulties, mostly the size, shape, and slope of the yards, as well as limited access. Though once we were able to get our footing with these challenges, we figured out a plan to make them work for us and help us provide a better result for each family and consistency across the neighborhood.

Pool Installation Success for Copperleaf

Blue Haven Raleigh’s goal was to bring high-quality outdoor paradises to the Copperleaf area with smart design and attractive, functional features. Ultimately, we ended up with three successful pool installations and three happy Cary families. See what we did for each project below.

Eckhart Project

This property was quite small and narrow, so the challenge was there from the beginning. The family wanted several outdoor features in the small space but still wanted to retain some yard as well. Our team needed to design strategically, but we figured out a way around the difficulties and gave the Eckharts a custom outdoor space that was able to be private thanks to raised pool walls, landscaping, and strategic elevation. The pool was completed with cascading waterfalls and a sunken fire pit was installed. The team also built a custom outdoor kitchen area near the home, and we excavated the pool soil we used to flatten the remainder of the yard to allow for extra yard space.

Werner Project

Construction wasn’t easy on this property either, as we needed to work within a smaller space and connect the pool area with an upper backyard area that was separated from the space, with multiple existing elements in between. After creating a plan to work with the yard space, we were able to create an intimate outdoor living space for the Werners, with spa and waterfall features connected to the pool. We used LED lighting in the spa and waterfall to create beautiful color displays, and the pool itself received a classic white lighting scheme to showcase color lighting. We chose natural tones around the space to complement the home. The natural boulder steps to the spa area gave the affect of breaking through the retaining wall and provided easy access to the upper backyard. We designed the kitchen that allowed anyone at the grill to face the pool, as well as a bar space for outdoor entertaining.

Wurtsbaugh Project

As with the other two yard in the Copperleaf neighborhood, the Wurtsbaugh property also had limited access and a sloped yard with space issues. We had a tough excavation to handle on this project, and we needed to remove a considerable amount of dirt in a confined area. This slowed down the work a bit, but we ended up completing a custom diving pool, interactive waterfall feature, and easy-access boulder steps. For the color palette, we stuck with grays and browns to complement the house and softened the space’s look with elegant landscaping.

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