4 Tips for Designing Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor living areas are becoming more and more popular, particularly in areas like the Carolinas where we see comfortable weather for the majority of the year. Outdoor living areas take a home from average to luxury quickly, and homeowners see a significant increase in their property value with these additions. A popular addition is an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens¬†open your property up to possibility. They allow you to spend more time outside, inspire you to invite over family and friends, and proving a relaxing atmosphere you just can’t get inside your home. Imagine spending summer evenings grilling by the pool, watching the sunset, feeling the breeze while you and your family make dinner, and having easy outdoor cleanup. An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic addition to your backyard oasis, and our expert team here at Blue Haven Raleigh Pools has four tips to make sure you get an excellent result from yours.

1. Go for premium appliances

Whether you go for a full outdoor kitchen or just grill or bar area, the point of an outdoor kitchen is to make your outdoor space an area in which you feel comfortable, so choose appliances that make your home feel elevated and have the look and functional features you truly desire. Otherwise, you run the risk of feeling like you didn’t achieve much of an upgrade, and it’s hard to turn to your outdoor kitchen for relaxation if you feel disappointed every time you look at your appliances or they don’t work as promised. Get the convenience, performance, and look you really want by choosing the ideal grill, oven, refrigerator, ice maker, sink, wet bar, warmer, and storage. The Blue Haven Raleigh team is also experienced and equipped to help you choose and find exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Consider your theme

What do we mean by “theme”? We mean that you’ll need to figure out what you’re hoping to use this outdoor kitchen space for. Will it be a nice but simple space to make dinner after work? Will it be a casual spot to entertain friends while barbecuing on the weekend? Will it be the pride and joy of your property, a full-on luxury haven to impress your guests? Decide what this space will be meant for and design around that. Blue Haven Raleigh can help with that too, since we’re capable of building a wide range of kitchens according to your taste and function.

3. Make sure its appearance is integrated

By this, we mean that you don’t want your outdoor kitchen to stick out like a sore thumb, completely different from the rest of your home. You want it to blend. It doesn’t have to match exactly down to every detail, but it should be enough of a match to nicely complement your home and landscaping so that it all makes sense together. At Blue Haven Raleigh, we design and build outdoor kitchens using the same materials as the rest of your hardscape and pool decking so that you get a seamless appearance. This ensures that even if your outdoor kitchen is built 20 years after the rest of your home, it will still looks like it belongs while elevating the older elements.

4. Don’t sacrifice quality

This should be a no-brainer, but it can be tempting to settle to save some money or time here and there when you’re doing an outdoor project. However, there’s a reason you want an outdoor kitchen, and it needs to be executed at a certain level if you’re going to be happy with your investment for years to come. Make sure that in whatever you choose, you’re getting quality materials, warrantied appliances, and reliable workmanship. The only way an outdoor kitchen should be done is the right way.

At Blue Haven Raleigh Pools, we have years of experience designing and building dream outdoor kitchens, with a long list of happy clients to prove it. We specialize in creating seamless backyard retreats that are both functional and beautiful without sacrificing any quality. If you’re considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, we’d love to work with you to make your dream a reality. Just give us a call at (919) 465-1965 or contact us on our site.