The Truth About Custom Pool Designs

You’ve worked hard to make your property your own, so why stop when it comes to adding a pool? Your home should be a reflection of you, and we at Blue Haven Raleigh Pools help homeowners add their sense of individuality to their yard with custom pool designs. With custom, in-ground, concrete pools, anything is possible. Our team specializes in all sizes and configurations, and we’ve successfully worked with a range of lawn sizes and slopes. While many homeowners want a more custom look and function from their pool, often they end up going a more traditional route just because they don’t know what their options are or how to best approach it. We’re here, however, to deliver the truth about custom pool designs and hopefully help clear up any uncertainty that’s keeping you from taking the plunge into the custom look you’ve been hoping for.

1. Your Pool Builder Knows How to Make It Work for You

As long as you choose a reputable, experienced, and well-trained pool builder, the team will know how to guide you in your decision-making process. Your pool builder has the knowledge to help you figure out the right size and shape for your pool, where to place it, how to make it flatter your home style, and how to make it play nicely with your yard and landscaping. Any quality builder isn’t going to let you move forward with a design that looks bad or hurts your property value, so don’t worry about making a decision that will come back to haunt you. Allow your pool builder to be your partner, and together you’ll come up with a design that’s perfect for your situation.

2. There’s a Catalog of Styles to Work From

While your builder can create just about anything you envision, there are several styles you can use as a base to work from, so you don’t have to feel like you’re coming up with a plan from scratch. That can often be overwhelming and keep you from making a decision, so use the styles to feel out what you like and add or subtract from there to carve out your ideal custom pool. Choose from natural designs made to resemble ponds or lagoons, freeform pools with smooth curves, contemporary styles that are all about clean lines, timeless modern looks, geometrically unique styles, and more family friendly designs. There’s something for everyone.

3. You Can See It Before You Make a Decision

Modern technology is great. In the case of custom pool designs, cutting-edge pool builders like Blue Haven Raleigh are able to use virtual reality technology to show homeowners what their chosen design will look like in their yard, how it will complement their home, how the sun will play off it at different times of day, and even how it will look from inside your house. That way, you get a feel for how the design will work for you before any construction begins. The visual will also help you and your builder be confident you’re on the same page about the look and feel of the pool. See an example video below.

There’s really no reason to fear taking a custom approach. There’s far less guesswork than most people realize. At Blue Haven Raleigh, we help homeowners find the perfect look for them and welcome a partnership in achieving the very best results. Our passion for pool building has led to a reputation of customer satisfaction, and we go into every project with the same enthusiasm integrity. If you’re considering a custom pool design, we’re excited to work with you. To learn more, call us at (919) 465-1965 or contact us on our site.